Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pain Rehabilitation: Advancing Non-Pharmacological Rehabilitation Techniques (SIG)

Current Chair/Board Champion: John Garzione, DPT

Co-chair: Roger Mignosa, DO

Number of Members: 27

Goals of SIG in 2017:

  • Improving the language/vocabulary used by healthcare providers, researchers, government agencies, insurance companies, media, and patients: integrative medicine vs. integrative therapies, patient-centered care, non-pharmacological care, etc.
  • Offer a session at the AIPM Annual Meeting summarizing its research on cost savings, outcomes, and practical solutions to clinical challenges.

Focus of Meeting:

  • Train clinicians and systems (private and public) on how to create models of integrative pain care.
  • Collaborate on journal articles to address important clinical issues shared across multiple disciplines.

Next Steps/Meeting/Conference Call:
Teleconferences, up to 6 per year

Contact for More Information:
Email John Garzione at

To Join this SIG:
Email Whitney O’Donnell at

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