Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nutrition in Pain Management: Adequate Nutrition is a Basic Premise of Good Health and Pain Relief (SIG)

Current Chair/Board Champion: Robert Bonakdar, MD

Co-chair: Nancy Cotter, MD

Number of Members: 41

Goals of SIG in 2017:

  • A potential “nutrition toolkit” may be a goal for this SIG—a compilation of ways a clinic could bring nutrition education to its patients.
  • Participants will gather handouts, demonstrations, and other materials, and post them online so that pain clinicians can easily provide point-of-care resources

Focus of Meeting:

  • This group discussed how to make nutrition interventions in the pain clinic feasible, especially when access and coverage may not be ideal.
  • Participants noted several novel programs, including the use of subsidized farmers’ markets, educational “field trips” to supermarkets, and an anti-inflammatory diet cooking class.

Next Steps/Meeting/Conference Call:
Teleconferences, followed by online discussions and postings to a list serve

Contact for More Information:
Email Robert Bonakdar, MD, at

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Email Whitney O’Donnell at

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