Sunday, February 25, 2018

Behavioral Health: Addressing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (SIG)

Current Chair/Board Champion: Alice Inman, PsyD


Number of Members: 20

Goals of SIG in 2017:
Educate medical providers about reimbursement, train students on the biopsychosocial model and its implementation, conduct nurse and social worker training programs, and carry out medication management evaluations, all geared toward behavioral health issues

Focus of Meeting:

  • Addressed limitations members experience when working in medical settings
  • Discussed concerns related to proper and effective coding and billing for behavioral health issues in people with chronic pain
  • Subcommittees to focus on the following functions:  Advocacy, Legislation, Education & Training, and Programming

Next Steps/Meeting/Conference Call:
Teleconference in January 2017

Contact for More Information:
Email Alice Inman, PsyD at

To Join this SIG:
Email Whitney O’Donnell at

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