Monday, January 22, 2018

Shared Interest Groups


Our new Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are up and running! We’ve had more than 100 members sign up to participate, and we invite you to join them! This membership benefit program will enable you to connect, collaborate, and engage with other like-minded experts.  Please contact Whitney O’Donnell ( if you are interested in sharing your expertise and knowledge.

Shared Interest Groups are intended to create a sense of community among AIPM members around topics of mutual interest. Once established with at least ten dues-paying members, SIGs will be supported by AIPM staff as each creates a mission statement and begins to carry out activities to achieve that mission. The AIPM will assist SIGs in recruiting new members through a variety of means, and as groups grow, the level of support provided will increase.

Established SIGs can participate in AIPM programs by writing articles in our magazine, The Pain Practitioner, hosting sessions or even tracks of sessions at the Annual Meeting, creating training courses and/or certificate programs, hosting webinars, and in a number of other ways. Our most sincere hope is that every AIPM member finds a “home within a home” in one or more SIGs.

Learn more about our SIGs at the links below: