Monday, January 22, 2018

New! Online Course: The Pain in the Brain is Primarily Migraine

The Pain in the BrainWhy are only half of all migraines ever diagnosed? Patients appear drawn to pathological explanations for their pain rather than an innate process. They have difficulty in accepting that there is not something “broken.” Migraine is a chronic neurological condition with episodes of disabling headache and it responds best to the collaborative model between patient and the provider.  Successful migraine management requires knowing how you got to where you are. One of the newest courses in the Academy’s Pain Care Learning Center is this program that highlights the migraine pathway as the principal phenotype for the expression of head pain and the development of a successful plan for the prevention, acute, and rescue migraine treatment.

Taught by Duren Michael Ready, MD FAHS, DAAPM, this 1-hour CME activity designed for all clinicians who treat chronic pain. Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to:

  • Discuss the difference between primary and secondary headaches and how to identify headaches that require additional diagnostic measures.
  • Explain the migraine process from pro-drome to post-drome.
  • Describe the risk factors for migraine progression.
  • Recognize the role of staging in the development of a successful plan for migraine management and appropriate prevention, acute and rescue treatments.

This course is FREE to Academy members! Not a member? Join here. Non-member course fee is $25. Learn more about this course and register now.

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