Monday, January 22, 2018

The Fastest Way to Demonstrate Your Pain Management Expertise


Many clinicians have learned the art of managing people’s pain by spending time with patients, listening to them, studying the available literature, and attending workshops or seminars.  Your clinical experience combined, with continuing education, gives you a unique expertise in pain management. However, documenting that experience has been out of reach for so many prescribers.

Until now.

AIPM’s Advanced Pain Management Practitioner (APMP) Certificate – Prescriber Edition was developed specifically for physicians (MDs, DOs), advanced practice nurses (NP, CRNA, APRNs), and physician assistants (PAs) who:

  • Spend a significant portion of their clinical practice treating commonly encountered painful conditions, but have not completed fellowship training.
  • Would like to document their knowledge and use of best practices in pain care, including pain assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for commonly encountered painful conditions; understand of the unique issues associated with children and older adults; treatment disparities; and team-based care–all with a special emphasis on safe and effective pharmacologic treatment.

You can earn the Certificate by:

  • Passing a 200-question exam based on the topics covered in the Advanced Pain Management Practitioner The exam is offered at testing locations in the U.S and Canada, and you can get the Curriculum for free here.
  • Demonstrating that you have at least 5 years of clinical experience, with at least 30% of your time spent caring for people with pain.

Want more preparation? We offer an optional online Curriculum Overview Course. While it is not a test-prep course, the Curriculum Overview Course is a useful refresher course of best practices, and it includes some of the material covered in the test.

PLUS – when you apply for the Certificate before December 31, 2016, you’ll also receive five free, 1-hour online CME/CE courses from our 2016 Annual Meeting – valued at more than $200! These courses will supplement your Certificate by covering topics such as guidelines for prescribing, best practices for team-based care, pain assessment strategies, and more.

Get started on your application today, and soon you’ll have a certificate that reflects your advanced knowledge of how to provide safe and effective pharmacologic pain care. You’ll also be listed in our online directory as an Advanced Pain Management Practitioner certificate-holder.

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