Saturday, October 1, 2016

Response to the Surgeon General’s Opioid Pledge: It Misses the Point

Last week, the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (formerly the American Academy of Pain Management) held its 27th Annual Meeting, educating attendees on a broad range of non-pharmaceutical treatments they could use to effectively, safely, and sanely treat patients in pain. Given the national furor over opioid prescribing, the meeting provided timely alternatives for nearly

27th Annual Meeting 2016

Highlights: Closing Day of Our 27th Annual Meeting

Even though the last day of our 27th Annual Meeting was the shortest in terms of time, it was certainly one of the most intensive! Catch up on the presentations from the final day of our Annual Meeting below: [View the story “Highlights: Closing Day of Our 27th Annual Meeting” on Storify]


Faster, Higher, Stronger: Advocate like an Olympian

As I watched the XXXI Summer Olympic Games, it occurred to me that there are analogies between Olympic competition and pain policy advocacy. Academy members are, like Olympic competitors, the world’s experts in what they do. Policymakers rarely have more than the most rudimentary knowledge of what is involved in providing good pain care, and

The Pain Practitioner

Strategies for Evaluating the Patient with Chronic Pain

A comprehensive evaluation of the patient with chronic pain is rarely straightforward, and it begins with the recognition that a complete cure is unlikely. The patient’s pain experience may be complicated by numerous factors, including lack of an obvious pathological cause, concomitant anxiety and depression, and a downward spiral of inactivity and lowered self-esteem. Often,

27th Annual Meeting 2016

The Healing Effects of Humor

Jay Sandweiss, DO, C-NMM/OMM, FAAMA, has found that laughter and humor can have many healing effects for the chronic pain patients he treats. He often uses jokes to teach breath work techniques for pain management, which he demonstrates in the video below: During our 27th Annual Meeting this September, Dr. Sandweiss will be speaking on

Academy News

Academy Involved in CADCA Training to Improve Two Public Health Crises

Bob Twillman, Executive Director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (formerly the American Academy of Pain Management), and Catherine Brunson from CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, presented a workshop on July 20 in Las Vegas at CADCA’s Mid Year Training Institute entitled, Prescribing Some Solutions to Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse.  Hundreds of participants representing substance abuse,